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Mauro Bruni, Ice Theatre of London


Creator and Co-Founder

Mauro is the creator and co-founder of the Ice Theatre of London and a driving force in the professional figure skating industry.  He is a previous US National and International competitor, and star performer of Holiday on Ice and numerous other touring productions for over a decade.  Mauro is an international award-winning performer and choreographer, as well as an elite, PSA rated figure skating coach.  Mauro collaborated with industry experts as a Director and Board Member of the ProSkaters Foundation between 2014 and 2018.  He is also the creator of a US-based performance company, House of Mauro, a platform for contemporary skating artists to collaborate and perform.  


Before the ITL’s foundation, Mauro choreographed and performed for notable ice theatre companies in the USA: Los Angeles Ice Theatre, American Ice Theatre, and Ice Theatre of New York.  He has overseen the creation of ice productions in the USA and EU, and has had worked with numerous internationally-recognized choreographers and directors.  Mauro brings a wealth of experience to the UK in the foundation of the Ice Theatre of London.  In addition to his professional credits, Mauro holds a Masters of Business Administration from Imperial College London, and a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Southern California.


“My goal for the Ice Theatre of London is to elevate performance figure skating in Britain, creating opportunities for all audiences to experience the art form that I love, and creating opportunities for the community to connect with and advance our craft in contemporary ways.”  @maurojbruni

Maja Luther, Ice Theatre of London



Maja is an international artist, choreographer, coach and one of the co-founders of the Ice Theatre of London. She holds a Diploma in Dance Studies as well as a Master of Arts in Creative Practice from the renowned Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. In her artistic work within Studio Maja Luther she combines a variety of art forms with Figure Skating, such as poetry, contemporary dance, film and immersive installation. She’s passionate about pushing the boundaries of what the art of Figure Skating can be on one level, and on another how contemporary dance, somatics and further movement techniques can develop movement styles and efficiency in Figure Skating technique. She coaches and choreographs for elite competitors and recreational skaters across Europe.

After Maja finished competing, she performed as a principal soloist for companies such as Holiday on Ice and Willy Bietak Productions for a decade all around the world. During this time she also held the position of Cast Manager, which fostered an international exchange with fellow figure skaters and the appreciation of the complexity within our profession. Her choreographic work has been featured in Shows and Festivals in the USA and Europe. Through the Ice Theatre of London she aims to promote individuality in movement styles and freedom in movement exploration.

Yebin Mok, Ice Theatre of London



Following a successful competitive career (including two-time US Intermediate & Juvenile National champion, member of US international Team at Senior and Junior level, 2002 Golden Spin of Zagreb silver medalist, two bronze medals on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit, and placed fifth at the 2003 World Junior Championships), Yebin went on to perform as a Principal Skater in a number of major productions created by Holiday on Ice, Beitak productions, Wheeler productions, BIFF LTD, and is a Professional skater for ITV’s Dancing On Ice UK.


While working with a variety of world-renowned choreographers and directors, she established herself as a leading principal skater with trademark grace and flowing lines. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful skaters in the business, Yebin is deeply respected in the professional skating world and was a top-3 finalist of Young Artist Showcase and winner of the industry’s Virtual Skate Off competition. In addition to her choreographic successes, she was the co-creative choreographer for “The Creative Spirit of John Curry” production by BIFF LTD.  


Yebin is now an international-level coach who passes on her passionate love for beautiful skating to the next generation of elite skaters and is the creator of the Skating Excellence Off-Ice Edge Class. @yebinmok

Philipp Tischendorf, Ice Theatre of London



Philipp is the German vice Champion from 2006 and competed in the German National Team for eight years, representing his country internationally. He is one of the co-founders of the Ice Theatre of London, as well as being in the team of the UNFREEZE Festival Berlin, a pioneering festival in contemporary skating.


Philipp holds a BSc in Physiotherapy from the European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam, NL, and a MSc in Osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy in London, UK and works as a therapist in London. He is also a qualified Shivananda Yoga teacher and is passionate about human movement, health and integrating a holistic approach to training and life. He is deeply involved in the field of Movement Practice and Research, supporting his work as a Therapist and Coach both on and off the ice. @phil_care

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As a skating camera operator, my work offers a unique perspective and sense of immersion. I not only film on the ice but on roller skates too, meaning that I can beautifully capture a wide variety of dynamic content. The equipment I can use ranges from handheld gimbals to full Steadicam rigs, depending on the project requirements. In the past, I have worked with ITV's hit TV show Dancing On Ice to produce captivating footage of the celebrities' training process


Having skated for many years - on the ice and rollers - I have competed both nationally and internationally. Alongside this, I have always maintained a love of film, which resulted in me studying for my Film And Television Production Bachelor's degree. 

When fellow skaters asked me to make showreels of their skating, my camera and I took to the ice. The experience was so different and the result was so much more captivating than anything that could be achieved standing at the side of the rink. I delight in the videos I am a part of and I am always looking for new possibilities for myself and my skates. @theicecapture

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